Thursday, March 3, 2011

take it to the streets

(click on an image to view full size)
This is a set of screen shots i took on Google street view recently, sometimes its the best thing possible when you really miss somewhere or are just wondering what a place looks like. I found it was almost like walking around in the past.. i noticed things weren't as they are now, also noting that the images were taken in 2009 i believe.(at least the parts of the world i was looking at)

I was inspired by
Jon Rafman's work titled '9 Eyes'. Rafman searches through google street view seeking out the incredible moments that were captured but somehow was overlooked. Some of the shots are absolutely incredible (like set as your desktop background incredible) and some are so funny and odd.

i sincerely recommend you take a look at Rafman's work as well as playing around on street view.

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