Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hannah S.

ahhh, the long awaited photos!! (so sorry, thanks for being patient)

so my friends, a while back for a final assignment (Betty Julian's Contemporary issues: ART TODAY!) I chose to focus on reality vs internet persona.
because of the topic i thought Hannah S. would be perfect because she is a charming young woman whom i had the pleasure of meeting for this photoshoot, but prior to meeting her i (much like many others) thought of her as an ultimate fashionista with all the right connections and all the right stuff who happens to go to all the best parties and events (someone we all long to be- an IT girl) we all just want to succeed right?

i wanted to see what shes like in real life- not just on the internet so i could compare the two.

well it turns out Hannah S. isn't just an fashion savvy, smooth talkin', cool gal whom we all aspire to be. turns out shes human too! she is quite inspiring to me because she is in an industry which i am rather interested in myself (not to mention her rad style- mad props yo) and because so far shes doing DAMN well in it!

so keep the good stuff coming and good luck in all your future endeavors !


Monday, May 24, 2010


cool, huh?

this is Wreck beach around sunset...i didn't stay long since there were Police officers kicking people out once the sunset...i didn't want to find out why so i left before Mr.sunshine left completely

side note: i totally wasn't expecting the crazzzzzy cardio workout on the way to and from the beach..something like 49954898350935 steps...maybe later this summer ill count how many there actually are...but my POINT IS...lotsa steps i guess...yep that's my point

more later!
have a good one lovelies!

PS. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase click the image to view larger..its MUCH better!