Sunday, July 11, 2010


you know its legit hot out when you purposely sleep wayyyyy in (i'm talkin' 1pm or later) and chill with your new bff "Mr. A/C" to avoid the heat of the day

Je ne vais pas mentir, l'été est ma saison préférée peur.

i need to find a job.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


here are some photos of a really cool vintage shop called "USED- house of vintage" i was introduced to during my stay in Vancouver. unfortunately photos can never show just how fantastic this place really is, apparently they have more than just a Vancouver location..Google is telling me that perhaps there is one in Toronto, how fantastically convenient for us Torontonians!

I had a hard time figuring out if they have a website or not and it looks like all they have is myspace and facebook..i guess thats the same?

heres their facebook if you wanna learn more and see more of what they have to offer!/group.php?gid=37719223870&v=wall

thanks for stopping by for your daily dose of Portuguese Cheese!