Tuesday, August 31, 2010


fuck it. i don't like swearing that much but oh my stars. today is the day to do it

wake up at 7am to be at school for 845 for osap stuff
wait an hour and while you wait..go to the bank
return and wait for about an hour
finally its your turn so they can tell you

No, why can we just do this now?

why should i have to quit my job or be not working in order to get as much money from the freaking government so i can pay it back once i have a job? also. having a full course load just so i can get as much money from you fucks as i can. my god none of this makes sense to me? stress my self out so i can get money from you so i can pay you back and make sure i not working at the same time so that you will give me more, but either way you're going to give me less. so i should keep working for money that i don't have to pay back...but yet...osap. i need you.

ohhhhh my lanta, either i need to start selling drugs or something illegal to keep up with the world or i am moving to the desert to be the next almighty Jesus.

note to self: i'm going to read this later and not understand my train of thought at all. my apologies to you all.

Monday, August 23, 2010


oh my god im so tired.

ive just spent the last 2 hours washing clothing by hand on an old washboard my mum used to use (i think)...all because i am too tired/no time/blah blah/bloo bloo to go to the front office during business hours to get a laundry card... but seriously while i'm on that topic. WHY OH WHY is it 2 dollars a load? WHY? just to clean my clothing? and 2 dollars MORE to dry it? oh gosh, thank god i have a bath tub and a washboard.

I NEED TO GO TO BED. so that's what ill do

good night world

Friday, August 6, 2010

keep them

I'm the type of person who takes pictures as a personal journal..kind of like keeping love notes in an old Adidas shoebox under your bed.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010