Monday, February 22, 2010


-i have been noticing for the past year or so that people are so iffy and schmucky.
-"what the hell does that mean??"
-i wish they would stop

its hard enough to find good/genuine/awesome/rad/real/honest people in the world.

why do you have to act? why do you have to sponge? why areeeee you such a sponge? as soon as you leave suddenly you are full of all this crap which you then drip all over the world and suddenly you are AWESOME. YOU ARE GOD. but don't know anything about what you've just layed on the table. you just steal, sneak, sponge.

are you even a real human being or do you plug yourself in to recharge at night? or some kind of weird alien creature? what the hell are you? and why are there so many of you?

they say that copying is the biggest form of flattery.. but really whoever said that is just another one of the rechargeable alien sponge creatures

please be yourself, whoever that person might be..just please be them. we will love you no matter long as you are you.